Characteristics of the coil being uncoiled:

  1. Material: Stainless Steel
  2. Max. Coil Weight: 10 Mts
  3. Max. Outside Diameter: 1300mm
  4. Inside Diameter: 508mm
  5. Coil width Min/Max: 250-1530mm
  6. Coils can be Slitted on both edges

Characteristics of the cut S.S. sheet:

  1. Width of the sheets: 550/1500mm
  2. Length of the sheets: 30-4000mm
  3. Thickness of the sheets: 0.4-2.0mm
  4. Max. Cutting speed: 30m/min
  5. Origin: Italy

The No. 4 FINISH (Brushing) Machine
Basic Characteristics

  1. Max. Material Thickness: 3mm
  2. Min. Material Thickness : 0.4mm
  3. Max/Min Width of sheet: 500 to 1550MM
  4. Max Length of Sheet: 4000mm
  5. Process Type: Dry type
  6. Origin : Italy

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