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    Coils are available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes, grades and finishes, including No.1, 2B, BA, SB, and No.4. Stainless steel coils are commonly used for medical equipment, construction materials, kitchen utensils, BBQ grills, building construction, electric equipment, and more.

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    Sheets are available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes and finishes, including No.1, BA, SB, 2B (cold rolled, annealed & pickled, and skin passed), HL, No.4 and No.8 (mirror finish). Stainless steel sheets are commonly used in heat exchangers, industrial tanks, architectural paneling, petrochemical plants, water supply plants, food tanks, and more.

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    A wide assortment of standard and customized round, square and rectangular pipes and tubes in different surface finishes are available, including 304 L and 316 L. Stainless steel pipes and tubes are commonly used in handrails, chemical plants, petro-chemical plants, water transport systems, paper mills, beverage plants, and more.

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    A variety of equal and unequal angles in a range of sizes and common grades, including 304L and 316L are available. In addition, a wide assortment of round, flat and square bars are available. Stainless steel long products are commonly used in architectural structures, building frames, decorative hardware, and more.

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    A wide assortment of stainless steel fittings are available, from balls, valves, coupling and elbows to tees, pipe fittings, flanges, and many more. Stainless steel fittings are commonly used in balustrade, piping and plumbing.

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    Decorative sheets, titanium coating and color sheets – up to 75% stronger and longer lasting than ordinary sheet metal – are also available in perforated, etched and embossed designs. They provide higher corrosion resistance and can come with a reflective surface for light dissipation.